CREATIVE DESIGN is what we do - balancing dynamic Presentation with robust Content.

(a) a basic website: presenting all the necessary information in an accessible fashion;
(b) an advanced website: presenting that information in both an efficient and engaging manner, while servicing the visitor;
(c) an Asgard Forge website: all of the above, plus Client marketing infused throughout the website sufficient to move the viewer to a point of decision and conversion.


Graphic Design
  • typography, image development, page layout and a sense of balance
Web Standards
  • XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AJAX
(Content Management System)
  • providing the level of access to content that best meets your company's needs; we use DRUPAL Open Source CMS
Presentation Tech
  • Engaging presentations of images, video, webcasts etc. implemented using current web technologies:
  • Adobe SPRY – click for PHOTO GALLERIES DEMO
  • Vimeo streaming Video – click for DEMO
  • SlideShare – flash-based Slide Presentations:
    (click on the "menu" control above to view Slideshow in Full-screen;
    press your keyboard "ESC" key anytime to return to normal view)

  • FLASH scripted animations - engaging movement, plus functionality
  • LIGHTBOX content highlighting - example: click "GALLERY" in the right sidebar
Branding Tools
  • Company Assessment (Strengths, Goals, Message), Archetyping
Writing Copy
  • your focused, concise, clear message delivered in consistent and compelling copy.


  • Your Company's Value is recognized;
  • Investors' Due Diligence is efficiently assisted;
  • Your Brand is taken along by your Investor audience:
  1. Advanced Projects
  2. Projects Diversity
  3. Management
  4. Funding

  1. New Funding Level
  2. Mine Development
  3. Takeover by Major
  4. Technical Depth

  1. Undervalued Investment
  2. Resource Pioneer
  3. Growth Plan
  4. Discovery

  • and Your Company Possesses an EFFECTIVE Internet Presence.

To get started, to learn more about how we collaborate with you to create your Marketing website, or to find out in more detail what you will need to be prepared, click the GET STARTED button. Or use the CONTACT page to get in touch right away.