A successful online presence for a Public Company combines a strong corporate website, dynamic Investor Tools, and the company’s Brand infused throughout, sufficient to move the viewer to a point of decision and conversion.

The Website Should Communicate A Message That Works On Two Levels:
  • It Connects With The Investor's Priorities (FOUNDATION);
  • It Reflects The Company Consistently (MARKETING).

The key factor for a junior mineral resources company is of course it's project portfolio. Investor excitement surrounds a company with a portfolio substantial enough to suggest a solid pipeline of mining projects - or a key project sufficiently advanced to demonstrate it's substance.

Telling that story well sets your company apart. It's the backbone of your company, and should be the theme of your website.

With precise text, attractive and easy-to-use photo galleries, technical data and multimedia - we help you tell it in-depth, engagingly, and convincingly.


Asgard Forge works with the Client to identify a clear consensus of what that company is and does, and shapes this into its Brand: a focused, concise, consistent Message about the Company.

You may already know this cold – and then again it may help you sharpen your company focus;
Just because your company isn’t Nike or Apple, doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of having a brand that’s quickly recognized and enduringly remembered.


We know that Investor Relations is the "other half" of a successful public company web presence, right alongside a strong Corporate website. Timely disclosure, easy-to-use validated feedback and contact forms, and a solid set of Investor Tools:
  • dynamic Project Profiles;
  • stock quotes and embedded summaries;
  • comprehensive (branded) News Release coverage;
  • company and industry Media coverage;
  • Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, Sustainability.
Full compliance, proactively servicing due diligence activity, and inviting and addressing detailed inquiry from stakeholders and public result in a well-delivered Investor Relations presence on the web.


Q. Who is Asgard Forge?

A. My name is Wayne Froese, and Asgard Forge is my Web Design service. Supplementing and supporting my services are a team of back-end coders and a network of marketing and scripting consultants.

Q. Can we update our own website?

A. You have the choice of having your website built so that you can:
  1. manage all content yourself, like a blog - only it won't look like a blog (this website is an example);
  2. update key components as needed: News Releases, Financials, News Flash updates;
  3. count on Asgard Forge to keep all aspects of your website up-to-date, on a timely and compliant basis.

Q. What does a website project cost?

Click FAQ to read the full list.


It's helpful to have available:

- documentation: specific releases, reports (NI 43-101, geological assessment, prelim. economic assessment), historical profile
- geological maps - location maps readily supported with tools such as Google maps and Google Earth
- data: mining claims maps; drilling charts + results tables; diagrams/ thermal/ sections/ 3d renderings; aeromagnetic survey/ data/ map
- multimedia: video (flyover, onsite); photo galleries; webcasts
- Web coverage

Management and Technical bio's: training, credentials, experience (photos)

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