It’s what’s missing when a website is lost in the crowd. Regardless of the industry or field, every company has it’s own personality and it’s value is never identical to another. There is always the potential to stand out from the crowd. Doing that is Marketing’s job.

That’s what we mean when we talk about Putting Your Best Foot Forward on the Web. It's the best and the brightest about your company being highlighted so that visitors notice it throughout your website.

Asgard Forge uses the same diverse range of web technologies and media tools that all professional web design firms use. But like your company, AF is absolutely unique. Wayne Froese, chief cook and bottle-washer, knows his way around Photoshop and Flash and the other graphic tools, and codes the html and scripts with economy and precision. But most importantly, he understands communication and knows Marketing’s role in your Web Presence.

Actually it’s None of the Above.

Those are just representations, the tip of the iceberg. Your actual brand is your company’s personality, it's promise of value. Just because your company isn’t Nike or Apple, doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of having a brand that’s quickly recognized and enduringly remembered.

Asgard Forge incorporates tools for defining your uniqueness and purpose in the website creation process.
We build your Online Presence to move your website audience:
Through the page, through your website, to a point of decision

They buy your Message,
they buy into your Company

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