A successful online presence for a Public Company combines a strong corporate website, dynamic Investor Tools, and the company’s Brand infused throughout, sufficient to move the viewer to a point of decision and conversion.
We will make it easy for your company to be understood and remembered – by:
  • highlighting your company's Strengths, Goals, and Message throughout your website;
  • implementing technologies that showcase your Project(s) Profile.

It's helpful to have available:

  • documentation: project-related releases, reports (NI 43-101, geological assessment, prelim. economic assessment), historical profile
  • geological maps: location maps readily supported with tools such as Google maps and Google Earth
  • data: mining claims maps; drilling charts + results tables; diagrams/ thermal/ sections/ 3d renderings; aeromagnetic survey/ data/ map
  • multimedia: video (flyover, onsite); photo galleries; webcasts
  • Web coverage

Management and Technical bio's: training, credentials, experience (photos)

Asgard Forge is Prepared to Set Your Company Apart – by working with you to identify a clear consensus of what your company is and does, and shaping this into your Brand: a focused, concise, consistent Message about the Company
We have specific tools for working with you to develop your Brand. To get started, it's helpful to answer the following questions about your company, and about your industry. Use the form below to let us know, or simply to assist you in thinking about what your answers would be. (It is important that this is answered by a decision-maker/ stakeholder in the website creation project.)

PLEASE NOTE: if you are uncertain the questions below pertain to your company, or you just have a question - use our CONTACT page instead.
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  PART I: Focus on Company Personality
Does your company have some distinct characteristics about it – an obvious personality?
  • Traits such as "acts rapidly", "pushes traditional boundaries", "a knack for finding hidden gems"
  • could be a reflection of the founder's style (or the team's inner dynamics)
  • could be because of a key project's name, location or unique value

Are there adjectives that readily describe your company, such as optimistic, adventurous, insightful, visionary, independent, inventive, innovative, responsible?
  PART II: Website Preferences
Is there another website that you admire? (Preferably in your industry, or else generally)
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What do you like about it's visual style?
  • describe general impressions – "it feels friendly and approachable" – or specific details about colours, graphics, animations etc.

What do you like about it's content?
  • describe what you like about the text content (how it's grouped and written), multimedia (videos, galleries, animations) and other support material

What do you like about how it "handles"?
  • describe the experience of moving through the website, finding things, the style in which pages load, the wait times, etc.