Q. Who is Asgard Forge?

A. My name is Wayne Froese, and Asgard Forge is my Web Design service. Supplementing and supporting my services are a team of back-end coders and a network of marketing and scripting consultants.

Q. Can we update our own website?

A. You have the choice of having your website built so that you can:
  1. manage all content yourself, like a blog - only it won't look like a blog (this website is an example);
  2. update key components as needed: News Releases, Financials, News Flash updates;
  3. count on Asgard Forge to keep all aspects of your website up-to-date, on a timely and compliant basis.

Q. What does a website project cost?

A. Every project I do is entirely custom, so prices vary. Many variables can affect the price, including size / total number of pages, custom graphics, text writing, research, etc. As a rough estimate small business websites run from $1200 up depending on if branding and/or multimedia is involved, and other variables. Corporate Web sites start at $2200 and likewise vary a good deal depending on the size of the site, the depth of investor services and other features needed by the client. An exact determination of the cost of your job will be done when I have all the specifics of what you need.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Typical projects take 4-6 weeks, depending on project depth, client availability and timeline priority. Let us know if you need it more quickly.