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empowerment, inspiration, self-improvement, meditation, talents, consciousness, potential

For Where Ever You Are In The EXCELLENCE Cloud

EXCELLENCE starts with a focus:
   Humanity (make the World a better place)
   Teaching, Coaching, Training, Inspiring
   Art: Visual (painting, sketching, sculpting)
      Design (fashion, architecture, civic)
      Performance (music, drama, comedy)
   Speaking, Presenting
   Pioneering, Innovating, Inventing
What's Your Focus - For YOU?  For the WORLD?

The PURPOSE of the EXCELLENCE CLOUD by Asgard Forge:
•find resources from the huge variety of bonafide experts, trainers, coaches and other superbly qualified supporters of your Excellence
•investigate and provide feedback on those resources, to give viewers a head-start
•our criteria always: equal parts information and inspiration. Both are incomplete without the other.
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

~Vince Lombardi~